CITE Campus

CITE Campus will be a modern, highly-sustainable center featuring core administrative, research and meeting amenities. It will be the setting where new ideas are formed, collaborative initiatives are forged, and next-generation products are prepared for market.

Located at the entrance of the the CITE facility, the Campus will be far enough from field labs as to not interfere with testing. This will allow the Campus to operate as the public outreach for CITE and as an independent economic development magnet for interested parties: researchers, universities, innovators and investors.

While physically separated from the Labs and Backbone, the Campus will remain fully integrated within the operational management and security systems of CITE. Via a robust, globally-interconnected information and telecommunications infrastructure, researchers utilizing the state-of-the-art laboratory and office space at the Campus can seamlessly control, manage, and interface with both the testing and evaluation operations conducted at CITE labs and with the larger scientific and development community worldwide.

Campus research buildings will contain state-of-the-art laboratories, laboratory support spaces, and specialized core research support facilities. The research areas will be designed with sophisticated infrastructure and utility systems to support a wide array of research programs and allow the needed flexibility to adapt to emerging programs and changes in the research tenant base.

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