CITE Field Labs

Field Labs, located outside the perimeter of the City Lab, are intended to be full-scale laboratories that represent a variety of development conditions around the world. They will have a robust organizational strategy that allows for flexibility and ease of expansion of testing environments.

Field Labs will be broken down into industry specific districts and may include:

Energy—Biopower, Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Oil & Gas

Water—Bioremediation, Spray Fields, Water Desalination

Agriculture—Food, Crop Production, Plant Genetics, Drought ResistanceField

Development—International Cities, Security, Air Quality, Aging Infrastructure

Field Labs will be positioned strategically within the CITE grid to accommodate current and future needs. The grid also will provide all the systems support, including power and communications infrastructure, to the different Field Labs, with room for growth, expansion and technological adjustments. This continuity will allow researchers to run tests simultaneously in a variety of built environments.

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