City Lab is an above ground, unpopulated, fully operating, and real-world lab environment representative of a mid-sized American city. It will provide a legacy environment where new technologies can be tested at scale, allowing researchers and manufacturers to manage the unpredictability of product performance before being introduced into the market.

City Lab will include:
  • Urban footprint: high-rise buildings, urban canyons
  • Suburban neighborhoods: mixed styles and neighborhood design
  • Rural/outlying residences, farms, ranches
  • Open spaces for expansion and isolated testing areas with unique designs
  • An interstate, urban and rural road system
  • An ubiquitous wireless and fixed-line communications and infrastructure

City Lab will be organized to allow for adaptability and flexibility. Cities are in a constant state of change; being built and rebuilt constantly, to meet the evolving needs of their residents. City Lab will reflect that.  Individual elements or buildings can be modified or added, districts can expand or contract, and new districts can be appended.

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