About CITE City


Marble Arch Partners, LLC, a private international technology development firm, is creating CITE to be the largest scale testing and evaluation center in the world.

CITE will represent a 20th century American city with a population of approximately 35,000 people and be built on roughly 15 square miles. CITE’s test city will be unpopulated. This unique feature will allow for a true laboratory without the complication and safety issues associated with residents.

CITE will be a catalyst for the acceleration of research into applied, market-ready products by providing end to end testing and evaluation of emerging technologies and innovations from the world’s public laboratories, universities and the private sector.

These innovations, if brought forward to the point of manufacturing, are essential for the United States to regain manufacturing superiority and to train and put a highly experienced and well educated workforce back to work — while at the same time helping to change the environment for the better through commercialization of advanced innovations in energy, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare and the environment.
The planned initial core user application areas envisioned to be tested and evaluated within CITE include, but are not limited to:
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Green Energy: Alternative Energy Power Generation (e.g. Geothermal, Solar)
  • Smart Grid Technologies
  • Telecommunications
  • Resource Development (e.g. Desalinization)
  • Security

As a privately-owned, privately-operated test and evaluation center, CITE is open and accessible to a wide array of public and private customer segments — domestic and international. The structure and policies in place at CITE are specifically designed to remove legal, cultural and budgetary impediments as are currently prevalent in the process of moving beyond basic research and development activities.

At its core, CITE is about the establishment of developmental partnerships, bringing researchers from federal, university, commercial, international and other sources together to collaborate, forge relationships, and channel funded research and development into new  products and partnerships.

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