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CITe Properties


Building a modern

landscape for innovators

CITE Properties

CITE Properties is business focused solely on addressing and supporting an intellectually energized environment of commercial, and governmental development, test, and evaluation sites. It’s first initiative is to build A 200,000-square-foot Platinum LEED Research facility, CITE Research Campus, which will serve as the primary administrative and management facility for the CITY Lab. This Campus will provide critical office space and supporting communications services for users, tenants, and residents.

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The CITE Research Campus is physically separated from the CITY LAB. It is open to the public, and provides a setting where new ideas are formed, collaborative initiatives are developed, public outreach is forged, and next-generation products are evaluated for market entry.


The CITY LAB is a secure facility, not-open-to-the public, which serves as an independent economic development magnet for top-tier technology innovators worldwide.


CITE Properties' purpose is to synergize both the CITY LAB and CITE Research Campus. It will develop, for interested parties, including researchers, universities, vendors, investors and partners, a modern physical landscape, expandable to fit the needs of innovators, inventors and customers with administrative, research, and conference amenities supporting those utilizing the unique, one-of-a-kind testing and evaluation facility, e.g. CITY LAB.

Technology, the environment, and globalization define our world.

CITE, the Center for Innovation Testing and Evaluation, is a bold vision for a new research platform, a venue for addressing the challenges innovators face when developing, evaluating, and commercializing products intended for our use in all populated ecosystems—innovations most effectively evaluated under the practical realities of our user environments.


The vision for CITE, a large land area transformed into a patented sensor-based laboratory ecosystem, combines scale with integrated test and evaluation infrastructure. A prominent feature of and illustrative of CITE’s transformational opportunities, is the construction of a full-scale, fully operational model city called the “CITY LAB”. For the first time, at this scale and scope, researchers will be able to test and evaluate emerging technologies destined for the commercial marketplace in a single campus environment with real-time sensor monitoring to test and evaluate their performance one-step prior to full integration into the marketplace. 

CITE will be a home for testing that, put simply, cannot be accommodated in existing laboratories – public or private or real-world populated settings. CITE will provide the infrastructure necessary to unlock innovation in new applications in clean energy, advanced telecommunications, the Internet of Things, transportation, agriculture, physical security, cyber security and construction. For example, “Smart City” technology will be honed and evaluated on CITE’s sesnor-based evaluation grid before its introduction onto the public’s global grid.

Also, CITE is intended to be a means to remove the many barriers confronting the commercialization of basic research- whether private or publicly-funded. CITE’s goal is to create a “center of gravity” that barriers to the commercialization process – legal, regulatory, financial, operational – are identified and addressed. In doing so, CITE will have a significant positive impact on its own geographic area in economic development, attracting supporting industries ancillary to its activities. CITE will be an “opportunity highway” over which private and public research will meet and engage interested developers, financiers, buyers accelerating their proposed products journey to the marketplace. 


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