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Accelerate the creation of small business innovations


In support of the CITY LAB’s primary purpose, CITE Services will provide advisory services in an effort to assist in the commercialization of private, academic, and federally funded R&D to bridge the gap that spans the “valley of death” for large and small businesses. CITE Services is ideally suited to assist the Technology and Research Accelerating National Security and Future Economic Resiliency Act of 2013, which recommends the inclusion of business advisory services early in the R&D process.

In addition, CITE Services is designed to accelerate the creation of small businesses and commercialization of research innovations made to carry out innovative approaches to technology transfer grant programs for higher education, nonprofit research institutions and federal laboratories. 


Services that will be provided at CITE Properties Research Facility or at the client location: 

  • "Accelerator mentors" available throughout the R&D process 

  • "Proof of concept" expertise and research offered early in the R&D process 

  • A platform for grant vehicles that focuses on the commercialization stage of R&D, filling the gap left by institutional investors; grant proposal writing will involve educating clients on all aspects of the grant process 

  • Assistance in writing and filing for local, state, and federal grants 

  • Expertise with and introductions to capital markets across the investment life cycle 

  • Business strategy 

  • Navigating industry factors essential for creating a sustainable business 

  • A channel to industry and the U.S. market for international innovators 

  • Regulation/intellectual property advisory and strategy development 

  • IP and brand protection: vendor license qualifications, counterfeiting/piracy, trademark/intellectual property infringement and litigation support 

In a Meeting
  • Business case and plan development, financial modeling, strategy, and execution 

  • Advanced analytics to assist in decision making 

  • Organizational optimization 

  • IT consulting to realize the full potential of IT resources, investments, and assets 

  • Performance and process improvement 

  • "Real-world," "open to all" demonstration platform for potential investors and customers  

  • Partnering ecosystem (industry, academia, government) for testing and commercialization 

  • U.S. and international “Sister City” and “Urban Innovation Hub” partnerships 

  • Sustainability: identifying opportunities and developing business cases to make sustainability a source of ongoing value 

  • Financial advisory: solutions to deliver services around M&A transactions, restructurings, raising capital, business modeling, infrastructure advisory, and valuations

Collating Data
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